Will I lose control in Hypnosis? Can anyone program me?

You can expect to feel utterly relaxed and in complete control when you are in Hypnosis.  It is that day dreamy state you drift into at times during the day.  It is those few seconds before you go to sleep at night.  You know you are totally aware.  We simply work together to put your conscious mind to rest, and to allow the subconscious to make the changes you have chosen.  You will hear everything that either you or your Hypnotherapist are saying, and can in fact, can choose what you say.

There are many popular misconceptions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, mostly because we are more familiar with entertainment acts than with Clinical Hypnotherapy.  What you see on a stage is not an accurate picture of hypnotherapy.   (And those people would act that way if they were at a party, or with friends.)

Hypnotherapy is a self-healing practice undertaken by a certified Hypnotherapist who acts as a professional and gentle guide for you, as you explore areas of your subconscious mind in a respectful, safe environment.   You are always in control.  You won’t accept suggestions that are against your values or your morals.  You can feel safe with a qualified Hypnotherapist.

Whether you are looking for Hypnosis in Vancouver, or Edmonton, or Calgary, there are qualified Hypnotherapists to help you.  Hypnotherapy does work!

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