What is an alternate lifetime?

Yellow Magnolia     What is an alternate lifetime, according to Leslie McIntosh, author or Your Soul- Past, Present and Future?

For decades, people have been enjoying the intrigue of visiting a “past lifetime” to see, or sense, or feel what it was like to live “back there”.   I have guided people through lifetimes in Egypt, the Mayan times, cave man times, other planets, and the list goes on. Nothing surprises me anymore.

But one of the greatest gifts to me has been the realization that these lives are happening all at once.  How else would you explain overlapping lifetimes.  And why can you take someone forward in time, to “future” lifetimes or “progressions” just as easily as you can take them backwards in time.  It is because there is no time or space.  Time is something we created to make sense out of our lives.

So, because we have no distinction between past lifetimes or future lifetimes, I have chosen to call them alternate lifetimes-not pinning them down to a “time” in a Universe where there is no time. Everyone who experiences an alternate lifetime comes away with a sense of wonder and a new awareness and knowing that there is more to them than this lifetime in this physical body.

Leslie does “past-life regressions” and “progressions” in White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam, to name a few.

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  1. Bonnie Jean
    Bonnie Jean08-20-2018

    Dear Leslie, thank you for this article.

    I enjoyed it.

    Some of my own experiences, leads me at this time to being aware of my multi-dimensional selfs as well as alternate life – times or past lives.

    I am seeking guidance and would like to know if you work with individuals in this situation and if you do appointments over the phone.

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