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Leslie's book -- Your Soul - Past, Present and Future

       Your Soul – Past, Present and Future

 Freeing the Soul Using the Soul Screening Technique by Leslie McIntosh

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What people are saying:

Well done Leslie! This is a must-read book written by an amazing lady who holds a great depth of understanding and knowledge in her chosen field – you’re nuts if you don’t read Your Soul – past present and future.”

Trevor Gollagher

 Written by the most compassionate and wise woman I know…well done Leslie !!! Your insight and sensitivity and your ability to help people relieve years of suffering is to be commended !! love you dearly as your student now and from long long ago you have been a blessing at my most difficult times and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Always be well                                            Anna Klonarakis

Beautifully written and expressed.

Your Soul—Past, Present and Future is a thought-provoking work penned by an enthusiastic, mindful, and warm-hearted writer. It is obvious from her writing that she is passionate—not only about healing, but about reliably guiding and clearly communicating. Her inclusiveness and non-dogmatic approach to spiritual concepts is refreshing and reassuring, and the case studies spark the imagination.

I wrote this book for anyone who wishes to know more about Hypnosis, Past Lives, Future Lives, and my exclusive technique called Soul Screening in alternate      lifetimes.  Soul Screening is something you want your Hypnotherapist to know about!

If your Soul has been calling to you, then this book may be for you.  If you are seeing a Hypnotherapist,  Soul Screening will make any visits to alternate lifetimes more effective and healing for you.

 For the Hypnotherapist, I have included details on how to use this technique and effectively incorporate it into your practice for the benefit of both you and your clients. This book contains actual cases.

If you are not a Hypnotherapist, you will enjoy the awareness and intrigue of the Soul’s communications with the Hypnotherapist as the Hypnotherapist is able to help the client permanently clear the issues they presented. It will also help you to understand what questions to ask when looking for a Hypnotherapist.