How many sessions does it take before I see results?

Before we begin our sessions, we will consult together.  That is often during your first appointment, or if you prefer, it can be a separate appointment.  During this consultation, we’ll determine what you wish to work on and at what intensity you would prefer to move forward.  Based on my experience with other clients, I typically recommend the consultation is part of the first session and there could be 2-5 more sessions.

There are many reasons that permanent results may take more than one session.  Sometimes patterns can take time to move, and in fact have several different causes.  Sometimes people find it takes them a session to learn to surrender to the feeling of total relaxation or to surrender their existing beliefs about healing or hypnosis.

Whatever your preference, I will work with you to achieve the results you wish to achieve.  I work out of my Guildford, Surrey office as well as in South Langley to serve White Rock and Abbotsford.



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