Heart Resonance


Leslie McIntosh, BCHt, CI
Teacher of Heart Resonance Energy  (HR)
One of only a few Heart Resonance Facilitators and Trainers in Canada or the USA; Leslie is certified to train all 4 levels of HR, plus Grid Activations.


HR is a simple way to keep your own vibration high in stressful situations, and to help others around you to feel just as good. it is a way to increase your health and vitality that is as simple as breathing.  If you are learning Heart Resonance, you can learn the basics to impact your life and those around you with the higher vibration, or you can complete your Heart Resonance training to include all 4 levels, until you have your Advanced Practitioner (Masters Level).

Heart Resonance  (HR) is a new form of spiritual expansion. It is an energy vibration that carries the true “Divine Love”.

The HR frequency has been grounded at this time not only for healing purposes, but to help with the evolutionary shift of humanity that is currently taking place.  With your level 1 you can also take the Grid class which will connect you to the Heart Resonance Grid and HR all over the world,  affecting this shift.


A deep sense of relaxation, calmness and peace is often experienced from an HR treatment. Many physical, mental/emotional and spiritual symptoms can literally transform to a state of health in one session. Through the days after the treatment, the client can experience a shift in their awareness and perception of life. With this comes detachment from their day to day issues. Everything just seems to be alright. As the client’s energies are transformed, their life is filled with Love and compassion. Change & healing on any or all levels is possible with Heart Resonance Therapy.

HR was developed by Trevor Gollagher over a 15 year period drawing from his 30 years experience with healing and channeled information from above. If you would like to know more about the history of HR, visit the official website www.HeartResonance.com.

Heart Resonance energy aligns the client to the energetic shift mankind is currently undergoing. HR awakens the “Divine within”, putting them on the “front of the boat” so to speak of the ascension of humanity to Godself Awakening.


Leslie uses Hypnotherapy to get to the root cause of her client’s issues. She uses HR as an added modality to raise the vibration of her clients and to clear out any residual energy that is creating blockages or distress.