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Having trouble getting pregnant? Hypnosis for Fertility!

There are as many reasons for choosing Hypnosis for Fertility as there are individuals wanting to be pregnant.  Hypnosis can prepare both the woman and her partner for a pregnancy.  It is not always the Mom that requires Hypnosis for Fertility.  A Dad can have subconscious blocks preventing the pregnancy, just as easily as Mom can. Hypnosis for Fertility allows …

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How many sessions does it take before I see results?

Before we begin our sessions, we will consult together.  That is often during your first appointment, or if you prefer, it can be a separate appointment.  During this consultation, we’ll determine what you wish to work on and at what intensity you would prefer to move forward.  Based on my experience with other clients, I typically recommend the consultation is …

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Will I lose control in Hypnosis? Can anyone program me?

You can expect to feel utterly relaxed and in complete control when you are in Hypnosis.  It is that day dreamy state you drift into at times during the day.  It is those few seconds before you go to sleep at night.  You know you are totally aware.  We simply work together to put your conscious mind to rest, and …

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What is an alternate lifetime?

     What is an alternate lifetime, according to Leslie McIntosh, author or Your Soul- Past, Present and Future? For decades, people have been enjoying the intrigue of visiting a “past lifetime” to see, or sense, or feel what it was like to live “back there”.   I have guided people through lifetimes in Egypt, the Mayan times, cave man times, other …

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