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Looking for Hypnosis? Clinical Hypnotherapy? Want to learn Heart Resonance? Training in Past Life Regression with Soul Screening© With her gentle manner, Leslie will provide you with effective work in any of these areas.

With 18 years experience and extended training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Leslie will expertly guide YOU to make the changes you wish to make in your life.

14773563_sThe use of Hypnotherapy has no limits – and Leslie empowers souls to achieve their true goals and flourish the way they were meant to.

“As well as leading edge Hypnotherapy techniques such as Regression Therapy and Parts Therapy, I include in my treatments, HR Energy a Vibrational Energy Healing modality called Heart Resonance.

                               Call me if you wish to –

  • alter those habits you are done with
  • gain balance in your life
  • learn to help yourself
  • make your way through grief more easily
  • feel happier
  • live with more joy
  • live and love with less pain
  • get rid of the “old stuff” that isn’t serving you

I also train people in both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Heart Resonance through the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science. My objective is that others can learn about their own power and the dynamite combination of combining their different skills and modalities with Hypnosis.”

“I hold a vision in my mind that we could all live on this earth in balance, free of fear and pain and with the highest regard for humanity; allowing us to become the people we all are meant to be.  On our way to this loving vision of total wellness, there is often work to be done.”

We often discover that our beliefs or behaviors are holding us back from achieving what we want.


Leslie is recognized for her work in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Heart Resonance,  in South Langley, BC  serving White Rock,  Metro Vancouver, North Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Richmond, and the Fraser Valley



What clients have to say about Leslie:
“Having seen those ridiculous shows on TV that depict hypnosis as silly and controlling, with people instantly falling asleep at the click of fingers, I was quite apprehensive about going for hypnotherapy.  My Doctor had recommended it, so I decided to give it a try, even if it was just once, to see if it helped cure me. That’s when I met Leslie McIntosh of the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science, and have never looked back. Leslie is extremely professional and puts you at ease throughout the entire experience.   It’s very spiritual and there is never a moment when you are out of control of your thoughts or emotions. Working with Leslie is enlightening and a great motivator to be the best you can be. Hypnosis helped cure me and strengthened me in ways that I didn’t know possible.   I can’t thank Leslie enough for her care and her help. I highly recommend anyone in need of hypnosis give Leslie a call. She is very likely to be able to help you too. ”~ Kim Clark, Cloverdale
“Leslie, thank you for the amazing gift of teaching that you bring to hypnosis.  I found the class helped me to learn so much about hypnotherapy, and it is pleasure to have been taught by the best!  The class was professional, safe and the attention to detail was appreciated.  Your style of teaching, clarity, integrity and sense of humor are valued.”
Shelina Manji, Vancouver